DocuVision is helping our many customers with the serious issues mentioned above.

DocuVision has multiple Document MANAGEMENT and Document CONTROL solutions which are INTEGRATED inside various ERP, HR, CRM and other LOB systems.

The demand for improving these critical business issues is we believe obvious?

Besides our standard Document Management solution (eDMS) and modules, DocuFlow document approval workflows, not to be confused with typical BPM software or ERP process flows, has grown in stature and value and especially since start of the Covid pandemic. Suddenly people had to work from home with no access to physical documents and processes. This increased digitization and with that came the need for increased governance and control.

DocuFlow has full audit trails at each step of the process, so besides making it easier for business to use, it also means there is better management, control and accountability.

These document approval workflows are designed to address the increasing need to alleviate potential fraud, corruption, malpractice and support corporate governance initiatives.

In addition, the recent unrest and destruction of many businesses has brought home the importance of the value of business documentation being part of business disaster recovery plans. Many businesses have lost all of their documents and this is as disastrous as the stock and plant that has been destroyed.


Many customers have been embarking on increased document digitization to reduce manual tasks and the reliance on paper-based documentation which can easily be lost, misfiled, misplaced, stolen or destroyed.  

With DocuVision eDMS and DocuFlow, the real benefits are that it systematizes and automates the controls around administrative processes relating to the archival and timeous approval of documents. It also manages collaboration between stakeholders and maintains data integrity, security and governance.

This further releases the workload pressure on Management to continually manage their critical processes which includes the approving of associated documents as the system can be used to block processes in the ERP or HR systems if not completed.

Reminders and deadlines can be flexibly defined.

Because of the ease-of-use, users’ workload is radically reduced and simplified without losing the detail and human intervention when needed.

Some of the key goals spelled out by our customer are to:

Reduce paper usage, reduce filing space, manage missing documents, increased governance, increased efficiency, simplified administrative tasks, increased customer satisfaction and to remove lag time between steps in getting paperwork approved.

We follow an inclusive methodology for system design, inclusive of key stakeholders, to map out the now and the future. Our Design document(s) outline the functional requirements clearly so that everyone buys into the system to automate the existing paper-based processes.

Our customers believe that the integration between DocuFlow and the existing eDMS, eDD and ERP & HR systems is a decided advantage and value-add.