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DocuVision’s modules and value added functions, supplies multiple tools to ensure that the various tasks associated with an Enterprise Document Management System can be met.


DocuVision eDMS

Our Enterprise Document Management Solution can scale from very small desktop to an enterprise multi server environment

DocuVision eDD

Allows for bulk emailing of invoices, purchase orders, statements, etc., to defined users from the ERP system and automatically archiving them into eDMS for future viewing.



Digital APPROVAL and Digital TRACKING of paper OR DIGITAL Documentation typically used for Supplier invoice approvals or contract management.


Allows the automation of the scanning process for BULK documents such as PODs.  Batch Scan “READS” barcodes uses this to populate the document search fields.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

OCR is a complex requirement, to scan and identify data within documents external to the ERP such as supplier invoices. We have a range of solutions to meet different requirements.


Out and about or away from your desk and need to scan and upload a document into DocuVision eDMS.

DocuSnapp runs on Mobile phone or Tablet and has been designed with this in mind.

value Added functions

Drag & Drop

Since many documents arrive by email we have made it easy to Drag & Drop these onto the current ERP transaction using our Drag & Drop module.


Getting bulk documents from couriers or other sources into DocuVision is an important task that we have simplified with different tools depending on where the documents are being generated.

We also use this module for take-on of historic documents when implementing a new system for a customer.

Document Linking

eDMS links ALL documents within a business process so that no matter from which screen in a process (for example the Sales process) the user searches for documents, they will be presented with ALL documents associated with that process.

Report Writer

Lets you know what documents are MISSING or EXPIRING. This key module gives management the tool to manage documents by exception.

Document Previews

Once eDMS has uploaded a document it builds a PREVIEW to allow faster viewing of documents, without having to download the document.

Flexible eMailing from eDD

EDD is extremely flexible with regards the “send from” email address, in that it allows you to use a fixed email address or to select the email address from the ERP system.

eDD – use hyperlinks instead of attachments

When eMailing documents using EDD, instead of sending attachments to Statements, Quotes, Purchase Orders, etc. which may be blocked by firewalls and cause issues with the size of the email, we are able to insert a hyperlink into your documents, that link to supporting documents in eDMS. Much smaller emails, simpler and cleaner.

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