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Why use DocuVision for your Support and Outsourcing?

One of the greatest challenges in eDocument Management is developing and maintaining skilled staff that can manage your company’s essential documents with due care and attention. Irrespective of which software solution you have deployed your staff will have the greatest impact on whether a solution is successfully utilised or not.

DocuVision can help you deal with this challenge by providing a Controlled service where qualified Document professionals can manage your documents, on your behalf, to international standards either on your premises or off-site.

DocuVision’s outsourcing division enables the turn-key implementation of eDocument Management solutions.

Commissioning a project office requires a great deal of effort. In many instances the document requirement in companies is inadequately staffed or left to low level staff who whilst beeing enthusiastic are inadequately trained. In these instances the lack of skill becomes apparent during project implementation at which point remedial action is required. This can often be costly and quite often the results of remedies are unpredictable.

DocuVision now offers a service where your document management is done by trained and experienced staff under DocuVision’s supervision, ensuring that you can ramp-up in a very short period and expect consistent, quality information.

Our in-house developers work closely with the Outsource division to develop software applications to enable the capture and distribution of large volumes of information while ensuring high degrees of accuracy and information integrity.

DocuVision has extensive experience on projects from many types of organisation. This experience, combined with our methodologies and development capacity means that we can accomplish greater efficiencies than any of our competitors.

We can accommodate your needs, whether you need someone to fulfil a short term clerical role or a team of personnel, including supervisory staff, to deliver your total project needs for multi-year projects.

Our commitment to you is that we will deliver a service that will have a positive effect on your company’s profitability.

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