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Manage Corporate Governance Documents

Why use DocuVision for managing your Corporate Governance Documents?

DocuVision has a range of solutions to meet the document archival demands of different DEPARTMENTS who are now under scrutiny with regards their Corporate Governance position.

This covers a multitude of documents in different types of business.

If you have a PROBLEM with shareholders, other stakeholders and the auditors asking you for copies of documents in order for you to escape sanction, then we have the SOLUTION.

The key to our success is that our solutions are integrated into your ERP or line of business software applications.

This means that we leverage the data that already exists in these software applications in order to verify the documents against your existing transactions and by supplying you with reports to allow you to MEASURE what documents are MISSING.

This allows you to MANAGE your documents by EXCEPTION and to MEASURE the RISKS associated with these MISSING documents.

Our aim is to give the senior management to institue CONTROLS to manage one of your most valuable assets - your documents. With evidentiary proof and the ability to easily produce key documents, you will be in control of the situation and not scampering around when an audit is requested.

DocuVision solutions improves staff productivity and morale, by giving everyone fast access to the documents they need which results in "Better customer services".

DocuVision helps you comply with legal requirements such as entrenched in the ECT Act, King II , FICA, Labour Act, Sarbanes Oxley and other regulations concerning the secure archival of documents.

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